Alameda Homes HOA

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The owner of the land between Kipling Street & Hoyt Street, just south of Alameda, is Milestone, (Ken Kiken). 


Previous plans submitted by Milestone/Kephart for development include:

Plan 1 is the original design of the apartment complex on the parcel.

Plan 4 was presented in January 2004.

Plan 5 Proposal – Homestead Acres Subdivision 8/2006

Currently, there is a company that may be interested in buying the land from Milestone.

The HOA Board met with this company and City staff on September 19th, 2018, to discuss their ideas.  The company, OPUS, in partnership with Allegro, is considering building a senior care facility.  It would be built on the main property that is now zoned for patio/duplex homes. They would need to request a rezoning of the property. They intend to conduct further studies and meetings with the city. 

There is a “for sale” sign posted on Alameda Avenue.  This may be part of the process.  However, the sign says "Retail," so it may only concern the 5-acre parcel on the corner of Alameda and Kipling.  This parcel of land is zoned "office" or "retail."  The owner may want to sell this parcel of land separately.

We intend to be involved as much as possible and to keep the HOA members informed.

You may contact your Board Members with any additional questions or concerns.